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The liver is our only internal organ that has a possibility of regenerations. It performs on daily basis very important functions which are very important for keeping us alive and safe. The liver is responsible for food processing, fat, elimination of toxins and other harmful substances that we consume. We cannot be healthy if our liver is not functioning well. All substances that enter our body go to the liver, where they are divided into toxins and other important molecules. The liver converts all toxins in the molecules so that they could be eliminated from the body through kidneys. The liver is responsible for the synthesis of most proteins that circulate in the blood, so this organ plays a key role in the regulation of blood sugar. It also regulates blood clotting and it is participating in the process of regulating the blood and also affects levels of hormones in the body.

As a true laboratory of our body, the liver cleanses our blood from toxins and harmful substances. Although it has the ability to regenerate, it can be permanently damaged by various chemicals and viruses, especially excessive amounts of alcohol. The liver is the second largest organ in human’s body, after the skin. Protein synthesis is necessary to maintain the organism that is why the liver is so important. But the most common liver disease in the modern age is fatty liver, followed by viral diseases like hepatitis A, B, C, cancer, cirrhosis ITC. Men with a diseased liver could seem healthy, but the function of the organism will reduce: first the vitamins, then production of proteins, after that patient is prone to different infections. We can conclude that the liver takes care of our complete health, both physically and mentally. Symptoms of liver dysfunction can be chronic fatigue, insomnia, depression, headaches, migraines, mood swings, poor memory, PMS, hormone imbalance, nausea, loss of appetite, constipation or diarrhea.

If we want to maintain the liver in good shape, we have to avoid excessive use of alcohol, coffee, drugs, fatty and fried food, cigarettes and other harmful toxins. When it comes to the use of fats, you could always use olive and pumpkin oils, in order to regenerate your liver faster.

We must avoid food like French fries, donuts, and potato chips because they are a source of lipid peroxides that are toxic to the liver. Lipid peroxides have a strong unimpressive effect and do damage to the membrane of liver cells.

Not every dose of alcohol is harmful, and it is different from person to person. Some people can

drink large amounts of alcohol and have no consequences, while other may use a small amount

that will cause serious trouble and problems. It depends on enzyme system which is an individual

feature. It is usually said that is best not to consume alcoholic beverages, of course, you could

take some, but if you have liver problems in your family try to limit your drinking

Liver Care is supplement made by a combination of nourishing herbs that strengthen liver cells.

Another product focus is just on detoxification, but this supplement has its focus on performance

and function of the liver, and it is here to strengthen your liver wellness.

Features of  Himalaya Live Care:

• One capsule twice per day

• It is gluten free and is made for vegetarians

• Without magnesium stearate and synthetic additives


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