Bone Broth Protein Turmeric



Get the Bone Broth Protein Turmeric at Best Price from OM Herb DFW

  1. Peppery, savory, Indian-inspired flavor
  2. 20g Of Protein per Serving, Low Carb, Low Sugar
  3. 750mg of Beneficial Turmeric Per Serving
  4. Gut Friendly, Paleo Friendly
  5. Contains Collagen Type II; Glucosamine; Chondroitin; Hyaluronic Acid; And 19 Amino Acids
  6. PCR Tested Free of Genetically Modified Ingredients

In these days, food that we eat lacks essential nutrients. That is why the number of people who take vitamins and food supplements is growing every day. If we get seriously sick and we don’t take enough vitamins, which we could provide by having a balanced diet, we have to use some other way to replenish our strength. We don’t usually take enough minerals and vitamins because we consume refined food without important nutrients. Due to technological process of making new machinery for agriculture and fast growing crops and GMO food today contains far fewer vitamins and minerals than before.

Another problem is excessive consumption of coffee which reduces the absorption of various important nutrients. Chronic stress is also a trigger for depleting supplies of vitamins. Cortisol, a hormone released by stress, is depending on reserves of B vitamins and vitamin C, but in the long run, it completely exhausted all their reserves in the body.

Nutritionists are warning us that we eat too many carbs and refined sugars and that is the main reason for our weight gain. That is why we should eat sufficient amounts of proteins on daily basis. Proteins are one of three main sources of energy in your body and could be found in different foods, except in refined sugars and fats. The first and main reason proteins are good for you are because they are necessary for the process of growth and development. Bone broth protein is a mixture of various proteins and amino acids that will help your bones to stay strong and to develop better.

There are signs that our body sends us as signals when we don’t get enough protein:The first sign is a constant need for sugar. With a lack of protein in a diet, there is a sudden drop of glucose in blood and you have the desire to eat food which will give to your energy quick boost. That is the reason of feeling tired when you don’t take enough proteins. Level of blood sugar is important for concentration, and in addition, when you lack proteins it makes you feel like you don’t have any energy for normal functioning.



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